answers What Can I Sell on Amazon and tells sellers where to find inventory to sell on
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What to Sell on Amazon

If you are an merchant in the U.S. and you need products to sell, is for you.
(Not in the U.S.? Help is right here) locates deals (online and in local stores) with remarkably high ROIs (Returns On Investment), and we instantly tell you about them - but you have to be a VIP member.VIP Memberships are temporarily sold out. We have only Gold memberships at this time (for just $5/month!).

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What Do I sell on Amazon

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FBAFinds reviews

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Here's what our VIP members are saying:

"I already sold 12 of the items that recommended. My net profit totals $450 so far! Thank you, FindSpotter!"
Jay K.
N. Bellmore, NY
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"Fantastic! I just sold 2 of the 6 remote control cars that found for me. Already starting the day with $50.00 profit."
David R.
Setauket, NY
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"I just bought a Disney Cars toy on clearance for $14, and sold it on Amazon for $46.69. I couldn't have done it without!"
Patrick B.
West Hills, CA
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"I love how easy it is to log in and see all the wonderful deals that has found."
Reg B.
Canyon County, CA
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"I really can't describe how great a service this is. I'm a busy person and saves me a lot of time."
Jim P.
Mesa, AZ More reviews...
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